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Most product production processes involve the use of pupose made tooling.

Although labour costs in the Far East are steadilly increasing, Far Eastern Tooling still show a saving of up to 50% over equivalent UK costs. Not many Companies involved with Injection Moulding, Diecasting and other tools can afford to ignore this potential cost benefit.

How should you take advantage of this opportunity to improve profitability and long term viabiliy ? How should you balance your mould toolmaking and component production between the UK and the Far East to achieve the best overall benefit for your customers and your company.

For those Companies that want to set up their own Far East operation, Shelford Business Consultants will work hands on with you, as we are already doing with other UK companies, to identify the most suitable type of operation, set up budgets, hire local staff, and generally work as part of your company team in order to achieve a successful result.

For Companies who prefer to simply purchase tooling and components, Shelford work with Associates in Shanghai. This allows us to provide Inspection and other services necessary to ensure good quality products.

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